Evert Opals

Quality with History


An online branch of the acclaimed Everts Fine Jewellery, Evert Opals offers premium product at a premium price, an internet first for Everts who have traded locally in Cairns, Australia for over 25 years.

The Evert family has become a well known name in the Australian Opal market, it all began with Vincent Evert over 50 years ago, opening a successful opal mine in Winton Australia, the opal from which continues to sell in Evert Fine Jewellery to this day. Vince’s daughter, Mary Evert, established a small retail store in Cairns over 25 years ago, which has drawn on a family tradition to provide a premium opal collection and has seen huge growth since. Evert Opals provides an online dimension to the organisation and aims to display featured pieces at varying price points. To read more on the Evert story please visit Evert Fine Jewellery website, by clicking below.

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