Evert Opals

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Australian Opal Pendents

Everts prides ourselves on our pendant collection which contains an array of boulder, white and black opal. All opal pendants are encapsulated by beautiful yellow or white gold settings which are individualised to the opal. The stock available online is just featured products, in store Everts stocks in excess of one hundred beautiful pendants. If you wish to see more than just on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Australian Opal Rings

Everts opal rings cater for almost all markets with a huge variety in settings and the opal that makes them so special. The display that will be soon available is only a small sample size of the huge range on offer. More to come…


Australian Opal Earrings

No two opals are the same but at Everts we have a large array of opals that are cut from the same rock to produce an eye-catching beauty. The earring’s will also be available soon for sale online. More to come…